[FoRK] Poll: What do you think of Socialism as a government model?

Aidan Kehoe kehoea at parhasard.net
Sun Nov 7 23:46:40 PST 2004

 Ar an seachtú lá de mí na Samhain, scríobh Gordon Mohr: 

 > No matter the well-meaning intent, socialism inexorably tends towards
 > tyranny.

Yeah--you'll note the way the Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti's
near-monopoly on power for most of the twentieth century has turned Sweden
into an unreserved police state without any semblance of press freedom or
civil liberties.

?! I mean, really. You might as well believe that all the nineteenth-century
abuses of the labour force in _Das Kapital_ were necessary for capitalism to

Like the early Christians, Marx expected the millennium very soon; like
their successors, his have been disappointed--once more, the world has shown
itself recalcitrant to a tidy formula embodying the hopes of some section of
mankind. (Russell)

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