[FoRK] Shooting dice with Zogby, or, Poll-less pollstering

Lucas Gonze lgonze at panix.com
Thu Nov 11 21:48:07 PST 2004

>> The key political conflict right now is about separation of church and
>> state.

> Hrm. I'm not sure it is all that 'key', in the sense that I don't
> think that it is a winning issue. Sure, it's the one that scares me
> the most, but if that's what the Dems hang their hats on, it's an
> awfully slim set of issues to win or lose on. And it's certainly a
> terrible framing- you have to frame it as being pro-civil rights, and
> not anti-religion, or you lose.

It's key in the sense that it's the thing to win.  This is not a point 
about framing.

About framing, the core issue *and* the framing is freedom from religious 
persection.  It doesn't matter whether the Baptists or the Catholics win, 
they both get to do their thing in peace.  The framing and the goal are 
the same thing.

- Lucas

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