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Personally I see myself as a but person... Hmm... poll time?


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Adam L Beberg wrote:

> You're lazy, fat, and have less willpower then a horny male rabbit, 
> congratulations, you're American. Now it's now obesity is not only the 
> http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=573&e=3&u=/nm/booty_dc
> Big-Bottomed Mannequins Boost Profile in New York

I'm not so sure that it's a commentary on obesity. It's rather that the 
aesthetic of the butt has completed its ascendancy. It's also an "urban", 
african-american/hottentite triumph over the more waspy and breast-obsessed 
focus of the culture (read Russ Meyer, Robert Crumb etc).

Key cultural moments in this historical battle:

E.U. singing Da Butt for Spike Lee's School Daze soundtrack 1988 ("Doin da
sexy, sexy, sexy/ ain't nuthin wrong/ if you wanna do da butt all night

Wreckx-N-Effect with Rump Shaker 1992

Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back (Mack Daddy, 1992)

I'd also throw in Florida's 2 Live Crew and the influence entire dancehall

Now for the conspiracy minded, it just so happens that Jennifer Lopez and,
to a 
lesser extent, Angelina Jolie and Kylie Minogue are simply the Elvis-like 
appropriation of an item that ratifies a trend for the more mainstream

Anwyay nothing new here from my own african perspective.

back to lurk mode...

Koranteng's Toli: the blog edition

Martin Amis - We have to face it: English football is just no good

The days when an England player's first touch could often be mistaken for an

attempted clearance or a wild shot on goal - those days are over. The
deficit is 
not in individual skill, it is in collective skill; it is in the apparently 
cultural indifference to possession.

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