[FoRK] Science Braces for Second Term

James Tauber jtauber at jtauber.com
Wed Nov 17 09:44:07 PST 2004

The majority of people who don't believe in evolution don't because they
have been told by someone else that it isn't true.

Likewise, the majority of people who *do* believe in evolution do so because
they have been told by someone else that it *is* true.

The proportion of people accepting evolution that actually have a decent
grasp of the science is probably pretty damn small. Instead, most people
rely on a web of trust.

This is pretty much true of most disciplines whether it be evolutionary
biology, particle physics, history, lexicography or whatever. Even amongst
professionals, the collective knowledge has grown to such an extent that you
have to rely on a web of trust.


On 18/11/04 1:05 AM, "damien morton" <fork at bitfurnace.com> wrote:

> It always struck me as strange, the religious rejection of evolution. I
> think it has more to do with a rejection of notions about change than a
> problem with evolution itself.

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