[FoRK] Re: baby gap

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 05:52:56 PST 2004

John Hall:
>If someone makes an unconscious choice in an environment where that choice 
>is expected and alternatives not considered, is that still a choice?

I'd describe that as a social obligation, such as
paying taxes and not chewing with one's mouth
open. I'm sorry to hear that heterosexuality is
such a matter of training for you. Most of us find
our sexual orientation as something that comes
naturally, something exciting we discovered about
ourselves, that could have been otherwise, and
independent of this kind of social training.

>It is amusing that 'blue state' people, who view
>reverence of Darwin as a key distinction between them and those 'red state' 
>people, seemed to have missed the lesson.

No one cares how anyone views Darwin. I've
never read a biography of him, so have only a
light impression of the man. The importance
of evolution is no more about "reverence for
Darwin" than QM is about "reverence for Bohr"
or classical mechanics is about "reverence for

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