[FoRK] Credit

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Thu Dec 16 09:08:13 PST 2004

Hey now,

Bolcer said he got some good advice from y'all a while back on how to 
build a perfect credit score... I've never had a credit card (and am 
turning 30 this coming year!), really don't want one, but realize the 
power of good credit, especially when it comes to things like mortgage 
applications. So, kick down, FoRKs, give me the information fix I so need.

FWIW, I do have a loan out on my car that I pay fastidiously, but that 
is the only thing on my credit report other than the corporate travel 
card I have through work (in my name). I'm not opposed to spending a bit 
of money in raising my credit score (e.g. interest on short term loans), 
but it should be within reason...


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