[FoRK] Rant

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Dec 20 11:35:20 PST 2004

Per JK's Verizon rant.

As Harvey Fierstein would say, "oh sweetie --- don't get me started!"

Oh, the telecom woes I've had these last four weeks.  Oh, my gawd.  I 
am so f*cking sick of SWB, TW, Sprint, and the whole lot of them that I 
can hardly contain myself.  It's enough to make me want to go offline 
indefinitely, until the truly decentralized solutions arrive.  But:  

I have literally had daily tribulations -wrt- my DSL and vox situation 
for a month now.  Sometime in early November Jen decided to call and 
have our DSL service moved from a second line (where it had happily 
lived for 2.5 years) onto our main line, and shut the second line down 
--- to save $30 / month.  Without checking with me first.  If I value 
my time at, oh, let's say $100 / hour --- I've easily racked up enough 
expense resulting from this to have paid that freakin' $30 / month for 
the next 10 years.  AAAAARGH!!!   I've spent at least 8 hours a week on 
the phone with SWB, several hours a week reconfiguring routers, I've 
replaced a DSL modem (twice), etc. etc. etc.  AAAARGH!

I used to be a Bellhead, in spirit at least.  Now I long for the day 
when the last phone company expires.

So JK:  +1.  Yes, Virginia, the phone company is stupid.  (And evil --- 
that much stupidity is inherently evil.)



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