[FoRK] How Stupid Can Verizon Be?

Kurt Weiske kweiske at kataan.org
Mon Dec 20 11:47:26 PST 2004

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Jeffrey Kay wrote:

> provide static IP service on that line because I'm served by a "remote
> terminal".  Now I have to switch the line back because I don't want to
> pay the extra cost that a business line requires.

Odd, my DSL provider (Raw Bandwidth, a great ISP. They resell SBC-ASI DSL
services) just offered to move me to remote terminal in order to offer an
upgrade path to more static IPs, faster upload speeds, etc.

> At this stage I probably should just find a local hosting provider for
> my servers and just get residential DSL service.  I like having the
> e-mail in my house because it's fast, but this is getting ridiculous.

> of dynamic DNS, so I don't really consider that an option.  Maybe it's
> time to move my e-mail to a hosting provider and not bother with my own
> e-mail server anymore.

There's lots of people who provide semi-decent mail hosting along with
virtual web hosting accounts. I use phpwebhosting to host my MX, then use
fetchmail on my mail server to pull mail down from my domain account and
several other accounts. Works pretty well. I keep wanting to host my
domain at home, but I'm too cheap/lazy/busy (pick any two) to get a box
with redundant hardware and/or upgrade my upload speed.


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