[FoRK] How Stupid Can Verizon Be?

zuzu sean.zuzu at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 16:16:26 PST 2004

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 13:15:51 -0500, Jeffrey Kay <jeff at k2.com> wrote:
> Pretty stupid, given my latest experience.
> I wanted to switch to Verizon DSL because of higher available speed
> than my IDSL connection from Speakeasy (Covad), but I wanted a static
> IP address.  Well, Verizon doesn't offer that to residential customers.
>   So I switched one of my phone lines to a business line so that they
> could put "Business DSL" on it.  After waiting a week for them to
> re-grade the line as a business line, I get an e-mail saying they can't
> provide static IP service on that line because I'm served by a "remote
> terminal".  Now I have to switch the line back because I don't want to
> pay the extra cost that a business line requires.
> I'm pretty torqued with them -- I don't understand why I had to change
> my line over before they would even check to see if I could get the
> service that I requested.
> At this stage I probably should just find a local hosting provider for
> my servers and just get residential DSL service.  I like having the
> e-mail in my house because it's fast, but this is getting ridiculous.
> So, does anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive hosting company
> than can provide me with a single IP address so I can run a web server
> and my e-mail server (linux)? Or other thoughts about doing this?  I
> can get Verizon DSL residential very inexpensively.  I'm not that fond
> of dynamic DNS, so I don't really consider that an option.  Maybe it's
> time to move my e-mail to a hosting provider and not bother with my own
> e-mail server anymore.
> -- jeff

i hate verizon, yet i pay them for dsl.  worse yet, i actually expect
to receive their vaunted fibre-to-the-curb in the near future; we'll

as an isp, verizon is *the worst*.  they filter your (@verizon.com)
email under the guise of "spam" (obviously end-user email clients
don't have beyesian spam filters) and provide no recourse to unblock
this; as their filters are overly aggressive and i have lost
approximately 10% of legitimate email in the process.  people have had
to write me *snail-mail* to ask "why can't i send you email?"  i still
receive spam though.  additionally, you cannot use their smtp servers
with any from-field other than @verizon.com, because they're just
assholes; if you're logged in to their PPPoE and have licensed an IP
from them, you'd think that'd be enough, but no.  they purposely
disconnect me every few days to force resetting my IP, nevermind that
i'm in the middle of a data transfer.  my upload bandwidth is only 2/3
of what i'm paying for, but verizon tech support wants me to walk
dante's inferno to satisfy their sending someone out to test the line.
 i'm sure they participate in all the other hidden evils like
carnivore, and will turn over my SSN, mother's maiden name, place of
birth, and home address in a second to anyone who calls up and pulls a

but what can i do?  jump the telephone monopoly for the cable
monopoly?  that's out of the frying pan and into the fire.

for web/email/jabber/services hosting, i like laughing squid
[http://www.laughingsquid.net/] because they give me a sense of
home-grown loyalty, upgrade my services for free, and act like Real
People (tm).  for full-blown colocation (i.e. a shell account), ev1
servers [http://www.ev1servers.net/] has what seems to me like a very
good offer of 1TB of transfer plus fringe benefits for only US$99/mo.


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