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Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Dec 21 20:04:47 PST 2004

I've been running UML (User Mode Linux) based servers for a while in 
production.  One big don't: don't use COW (copy on write) partitions on 
oversubscribed real space and then run that partition out of space with 
live virtual machines and mounts.  ReiserFS is surprisingly resilient, 
but it still can be a mess.  There are some hosting companies out there 
for UML virtualization.

Xen is starting to look interesting.
I've run VMWare servers for years, but I'm more excited by the native 

Qemu is amazing for doing VMWare-like things like running WinXP under 
Linux, but at 25% of hardware it isn't for servers normally.

I am interested in playing with the new Solaris 10 boxing virtualization.

*BSD has some kind of super chroot that is close to virtualization, 
which is what chroot should have become long ago, but I haven't been 
interested in it.


Jeffrey Kay wrote:

> Anyone have any experience with a Virtual Private Server?  Seems to be 
> exactly what I'm looking for in an offsite Linux box where I can run 
> my own software and servers and manage my own box.  Looks like rates 
> seem to be in the $20+ range per month, which is pretty cheap.
> -- jeff
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