[FoRK] The Decline of Empires..

Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) fork at ianbell.com
Mon Jan 3 14:31:28 PST 2005

On 3-Jan-05, at 2:03 PM, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:

> Given this, is it any surprise that so many people are no longer
> interested in dumping any more of their money into these issues?  You
> could funnel the entire GDP of the US into these issues and I doubt it
> would improve the situation.  After many decades of ratcheting up the
> public spending with no return on that increased spending, people are
> going to lose interest in putting their money there.

Wow, this is simply a ridiculous, circular, self-defeating argument and 
it really saddens me to hear you attempt to use it.  This is like not 
voting because your party never wins, which as we know a large number 
of people do as well.

Think the money's being wasted?  John the school board or the PTA.  
Help the school's music program.  Coach the football team.  But opting 
out ensures the system's long-term failure.  It's everyone's 
responsibility to make the world around them better, not to simply pull 
the plug when the efforts of others fail.

You could funnel the entire GDP to solving the world's ills and it 
would be wasted if you left it to the worst among us to administer 
those funds and programs.  Which, evidently, you have done.


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