[FoRK] The Decline of Empires..

Mark Day mark_s_day at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 3 23:06:58 PST 2005

 > I'm sure it could be more efficient, but on a few major 
> criteria, measured
> on the scale of decades, the US military is doing pretty 
> well. 

Yes, but if I get to similarly lay out the goals as being basically "no
total societal catastrophes" and stretch it out over decades, I bet the U.S.
educational system can look pretty good too.  ;-)

The original point made was that people didn't solve educational problems by
spending huge amounts of money, so why should we increase that spending?  I
simply observed that the same reasoning applies, emphatically, to our
military spending. We seem to be in a mode right now where military failure
prompts requests for more money.  That might or might not be the right thing
to do.  I'm just saying that we should be consistent in our handling of
these claims.

So either it's OK for a failing institution to say it could do a better job
with more money, or it's not.  Either it's always a waste to keep shovelling
money at a problem, or it's not.  But if we start deploying these structural
arguments about not spending more because of weak results, it sure seems
like those arguments are as applicable to the military as they are to


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