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damien morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Wed Jan 5 09:48:02 PST 2005

I read today that Australia has pledged a US$760mil mix of grants and 
loans (apparently 50-50 of each).


> It just occurs to me that one advantage of private giving over government
> aid, beside efficiency, is that the opportunity cost is less likely to
> affect the poor.
> The money I've given so far will slow down my plans to build a house, but
> the money the Australian government has given so far is, I'm guessing, going
> to have to come out of government programmes for people more in need than
> the local building industry.
> Just a thought.
> James
>>Oh, sure. I mean, I'm the last to defend Bush & co. The current bump
>>in direct US government aid is a completely cynical PR move to counter
>>all the other stupid things we've done in the past five years. You'll
>>find no disagreement here on that.
>>I'm just pointing out that even if the US government had done nothing
>>after its original offer, the criticism of America(ns) as stingy would
>>have been bullshit, given that on average Americans are provably
>>substantially more giving personally (and in toto) than Western
>>Europeans. There will be no headlines saying 'Amazon gives as much as
>>many small governments'... maybe the average American needs a PR firm.
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