[FoRK] What Americans Do...

Sandor Spruit sandor at cs.uu.nl
Thu Jan 6 06:40:09 PST 2005

James Tauber wrote:

>This is an excellent point that has been weighing on my mind lately too.
>Earlier this evening I decided to give the same amount to the Red Cross's
>Sudan Appeal as I had given to their Tsunami Appeal.
>I've encouraged people on my blog to pick another appeal and give the same
>amount again to that. I encourage FoRKers to do the same.
I've done just that. Also, there's this PhD student in a different 
research group over here.
He's from Indonesia. Banda Atjeh to be more precise :( Apart from his 
wife and kid, the
rest of his family is apparantly missing so far ... Help can hardly be 
directer, I'm afraid.

And anyway, I think it's difficult to decide how much money to donate to 
what cause.
I'd like to quote a Dutch author "I don't like comparisons of suffering" 
(rough Dutch
to English translation). Just decide on a per-incident basis.


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