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Ken Meltsner <meltsner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Basically, a way to get around NAT and other router issues for a
> peer-to-peer system, mostly seamlessly integrated as a special network
> driver.  Systems connect to a back end server which relays traffic
> between peers on named private networks.  Sort of P2P meets VPN -- if
> they added HTTPS tunneling, it would run through nearly any corporate
> firewall/proxy server.

Well if they really relayed traffic between peers on their back end
server their pipe would be saturated.  (Think kazaa or bit-torrent
over hamachi).

I hope they actually use the server just for mediation, and send the
traffic direct between peers.

Unfortunately the documentation is rather light so it's difficult to
tell what it does in this regard.

I've cc'd Alex Pankratov who is the author (I presume).

However maybe this beta version is not complete in that regard.  Some
other things such as the server mediated key exchange are obviously
not shipable grade (server knows all symmetric keys!)

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