[FoRK] IM The Geezer

Wayne Baisley baisley at alumni.rice.edu
Sat Jan 8 13:38:43 PST 2005

I had to be the oldest fart, by two decades, at <http://sound-bar.com/> 
last night, er, this morning.  The attraction was Infected Mushroom, 
appearing in Chicago for the first time.  They were excellent.  The 
sound system was impressive, too.  For most of the time my heart didn't 
need to pump because the music applied CPR to my chest wall.  My hair 

About half of the 2+ hour set drew from their new CD, IM The Supervisor 
(I hadn't heard it yet), but there were representations from Gathering, 
Classical, and Vegetarians, blended pretty seemlessly.  I wasn't sure 
I'd like this upscale club venue, but it worked well.  At least we 
weren't stuck in seats with those overpowering beats, and I was never 
more than 15' from the duo.  They had great stage presence, though Erez 
is more reserved than Duvdev.  Most of the noise was generated by their 
sequencer, but there was lots of live keyboard and other added effects, 
plus Amit's vocals (Deeply Disturbed, I Wish, Shakawka, Cities Of The 
Future).  My only disappointment was that they didn't do Converting 
Vegetarians, but I suppose it's not really rave-appropriate.  However, I 
have seen TMBG do the rare Fingertips live, twice, so I can't complain.

They <http://www.infected.co.il/> have a couple more US shows coming up, 
including San Francisco and Seattle in a couple of weeks.  And they're 
building a new studio in LA, so I imagine they'll start doing SoCal club 


Aliens infected us, its about time we infected them.

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