[FoRK] Suburbia

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Sat Jan 8 18:48:45 PST 2005

Adam L Beberg wrote:

> "We were pleasantly surprised. We beat all our sales targets for the 
> DVDs and they are still flying out," says Greene. "And we have had a 
> lot of TV stations around the world talking to us, except in the US."
> Because when the end comes, the American fundamentalist christian 
> Jesus will come save us! Also funny due to the URL. The press in that 
> part of the world (everywhere else) is consistently reporting about 
> oil, the dollar, climate change, and more or less everything else the 
> US press is ignoring.
Last I looked DVDs are made of some kind of plastic. i.e. a petroleum 
product. Not that the story isn't interesting. The world is going one 
direction - the United States another.


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