[FoRK] Suburbia

damien morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Sun Jan 9 03:27:15 PST 2005

> Ridiculous. Even with strictly terrestrial PV there's more than enough for
> everybody.

I did some back of the napkin calculations and found that an area the 
size of Belgium (or New Hampshire) would need to be covered in PV, in 
order to produce all of the worlds energy needs.

Assuming that the installed PV has a lifespan of about 10 years, youd 
need enough production capacity to lay several square miles a day.

Current oil production is such that there is enough to cover several 
square miles a day 6 feet thick in oil, every day.

It simply makes better sense to cover several square miles a day with 
millimeter thin PV sheets.

Theres plenty of space in the Sahara, in Australia, in the Southwest of 
the US, etc etc, which could be used.

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