[FoRK] Pity the poor Rino

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 10 20:14:12 PST 2005

I came across this website today, one I had seen in
the past but not one I regularly visit. It represents
a group of good Americans, old-fashioned Republicans
in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt. While I share many of
their views and admire their spirit, today they may
be the most beleaguered political group in the entire
nation. Independents and Democrats and third-party
adherents can fight the horrific beast from the
outside. These folks still think they can rescue it,
and turn it back into something good. Though Rove and
the radical right have mostly removed this kind of
Republican from any position of power, and done their
best to drive them out of the party, there are still
some that hang on. It's well worth reading their
post-election essay:


And also who they are and what they believe:


I wish them the best, but I think their chance for
success in any reasonable time frame lies somewhere
between slim and zip. I think there is a better
chance of some third party growing to replace one
of the major two. Or even of the Democrats doing
something good, since no ideological faction controls
the Democrats in the way the religious right controls
the GOP. Yes, that means the Democrats now are
disunited and weak. But it also means that that party
rapidly can change. In contrast, the GOP has undergone
an ideological transformation, it is controlled by a
group of ideologues who have mostly purged the
moderates, and now the easiest way to get it to evolve
is to remove it from power. But you have to admire the
diehards who refuse to be purged, who live in the
belly of the beast, trying to reform it from within.
Que lastima.

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