[FoRK] Digital whiteboard solutions?

Strata R. Chalup strata at virtual.net
Tue Jan 11 00:27:13 PST 2005

Whiteboard + Digital Camera -> Digital whiteboard capture

Various bitz of software exist that will attempt to redact writing
and diagrams into text and graphics, if a pure image won't do.


Jeff Bone wrote:

> (I was going to send this just to Rohit / Adam since I know they'd spent 
> some time looking at this a few years ago, but thought perhaps I'd open 
> it up to everyone...)
> Planning a new office and looking at digital whiteboard solutions.  
> Anybody have any thoughts about state of the art, products to avoid, 
> favorites, etc.?  The goal here is really capture, not necessarily 
> on-the-fly manipulation.
> Thanks in advance,
> jb
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