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Gordon Mohr gojomofork at xavvy.com
Thu Jan 13 22:31:06 PST 2005

Owen Byrne wrote:
>>> Gojomo:
>>>> Given that "collapsing dollar" has become a whiny refrain
>>>> of folks who normally have no interest whatsover in financial 
>>>> markets, I suspect we've reached the bottom. 
> I think I said that 2 months ago. Given that the weak dollar is all 
> about exporting economic pain - I think its a no-brainer that the dollar 
> is going to go up - the US economy is about as good as it gets right 
> now. Now the rest of the world is going to work hard on sending the pain 
> back where it belongs  - the call is deafening up here in Canada. My 
> prediction a year from now  big bump in the US dollar and big bump in 
> the US unemployment rate.

Agree on the dollar, disagee on the unemployment rate. Bet you a US
dollar -- since we both believe it'll be worth more at the end of the
year -- that the seasonally-adjusted BLS US unemployment rate will
be lower in Dec 2005 (or Jan 2006, pick one now) than it was a year

Here's a table with the figure for the last 6 months:


- Gordon

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