[FoRK] "The global baby bust"

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Sat Jan 15 20:43:35 PST 2005

Russell Turpin wrote:

> Interesting article on current demographic trends:
> http://www.foreignaffairs.org/20040501faessay83307-p0/phillip-longman/the-global-baby-bust.html 
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I found it really interesting that I read 2 articles today specifically 
refuting points in this paper, and that the more I
read it it seemed to come across as yet more right wing propaganda. Then 
I looked at the board of directors, and
the about page. Its just another US thinktank. Perhaps left wing - but 
the US left wing is somewhat to the right of Mussolini these days.

I am too lazy/tired to really refute things - but one point that I would 
like to comment on - is the connection
between entrepreneurship and youth. Specifically while governments try 
desperately to promote entrepreneurship
as the domain of the twenty-somethings as a way to hide the lack of 
prospects for that group, the facts are that
generally over 40 and even over 50 something individuals are vastly more 
likely to succeed in entrepreneurial ventures
- due to experience, access to capital, and access to connections.

John Doerr comes to mind as a pretty good example.


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