[FoRK] Preemies

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Mon Jan 17 11:07:33 PST 2005

This is only creepy because it's so obvious. There are dozens of 
abort/retry/fail systems in the pregnancy process. Guess they work 
correctly after all.

However, on the plus side here, the medical field seems to be getting 
behind the "have your kids before 30" mantra.



Item: Most premature babies who survive to age six have disabilities.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

Outlet: Associated Press, Jan. 6

Gist: Eighty percent of 6-year-old children who were born between the 
22nd and 25th weeks of pregnancy (the current lower limit) have 
disabilities, and 46 percent have severe or moderate disabilities 
(cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, hearing loss, vision problems, 

Implication drawn by the researchers: "Parents need to go into this 
situation with their eyes wide open and with an open dialogue with their 
doctors as to what they should do."

Translation: Pull the plug.

Other implications: According to the AP, "The rate of premature births 
in the United States has crept up in recent years, in part because of a 
rise in multiple births and older mothers." So think twice about IVF, 


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