[FoRK] Preemies

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 17 12:10:27 PST 2005

Adam L. Beberg:
>However, on the plus side here, the medical field seems to be getting 
>behind the "have your kids before 30" mantra.

Temporarily. We're on the starting slope of the
huge upward curve of genetic and reproductive
technologies. It's easy to foresee the ability for
people (not necessarily heterosexual, or even
necessarily couples) to reproduce, selecting for
only healthy embryos. This will amplify two
social problems that have to be overcome.
(1) The religious right's opposition to reproductive
technology generally. (2) Harmful social biases
regarding what kind of babies are preferred, e.g.,
we don't want a future like some parts of China
and India where 60% of certain age cohorts are
male. Vice versa might be OK. ;-)

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