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If it's really important, you may want to drop Verizon.

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Subject: Verizon blocks European email by default.

For IP, if you wish.

Verizon has taken to blocking all email from Europe, in an
attempt to reduce spam.

Quote from Verizon to Wired: "If it's really important
you might want to make a phone call."

Peter Trei


US ISP Verizon is persisting with a controversial policy of
blocking email sent from Europe. Since 22 December, mail
servers at verizon.net have been configured not to accept
connections from Europe by default.


Paul Wood, chief information analyst at email security firm
MessageLabs, said it took Verizon two days to whitelist the
IP addresses of its European messaging servers from the time
it first complained its international users were having
problems sending email to customers of the US ISP.


Verizon three million DSL customers waiting for emails
from Europe were advised to use alternative forms of
communication. "If it's really important you might want
to make a phone call," he said.


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