[FoRK] Amazon Developer Conference, blogged live

Jeff Barr jeff at vertexdev.com
Tue Jan 18 21:47:48 PST 2005

Hi FoRKers,

Amazon is hosting a conference on Wednesday and Thursday for our
development staff. We've invited a bunch of technologists and luminaries
(and technology luminaries) to Seattle. We have Joel Spolsky, James
Gosling, Rael Dornfest, Brian Aker, Guido van Rossum and 10 others.

The conference is not open to outsiders, but I will be blogging each
speaker live. If this sounds interesting, visit


I'll be updating this page throughout the next two days. We'll also try
to get some pictures, and we may even get some videos up next week.

Feel free to spread this around; it should be a hoot!


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