[FoRK] Exporting freedom?

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 20 11:14:47 PST 2005

I can't help but think that when Bush talks about
exporting freedom, he means more that he wants
to rid the US of it, than he wants to bring it to
other nations abroad. Or maybe he means that
it is OK for the US to ban gay marriage, since
Canada is allowing it. Success! Freedom exported.
Has there even been a domestic issue bearing
on individual freedom, where Bush was on the
side of liberty, rather than the side opposing it?

There is a long list of issues where he has
opposed liberty. Even with regard to gun control,
the one area where Republicans are supposed
to be in favor of liberty, when Bush had the
chance, he instead supported a renewal of the
assault weapons ban. Yes, he has lowered taxes.
But he also has increased spending. Any freedom
thereby bought for this generation is at the
expense of future generations.

So, this is a savvy group. What are the domestic
issues where (a) one side clearly was opposing
individual freedom that the other side supported,
and (b) Bush was on the side supporting freedom?
I'm looking for issues like abortion or gay marriage
or medical marijuana, except where Bush chose
the side of freedom, rather than the opposite.

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