[FoRK] Exporting freedom?

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 20 17:30:27 PST 2005

Robert Harley:
>Obviously, allowing J. Random Twit Esq. to acquire an assault rifle is a 
>critical part of freedom.

(1) Like a lot of laws, this one was named to mask
its true nature. It did NOT restrict ownership of
automatic weapons: that had been done a half-
century back. It banned an odd collection of
weapons, none significantly more dangerous than
the ones legally available after its passage. I suspect
it lapsed  because it was so meaningless. The gun
crowd opposed it vehemently, on principle. The
gun control crowd wants regulations with more
teeth. (2) Whatever you think of this specific law,
it's interesting that Bush supported it, and was
ready to sign its renewal. The political guess is that
he knew he'd have the gun lobby vote anyway,
or that he knew its renewal wouldn't be passed by
Congress, so he could appear to be moderate by
making an empty promise. (3) Empty or not, this
promise maintains Bush's unblemished record. On
any domestic issue involving individual freedom,
you pretty much can predict that Bush will be on
the side opposing it. He is the anti-libertarian.
That's not to say only libertarians should oppose
Bush. Obviously, you might agree with his support
for the assault-weapons ban, and still dislike him.
I just find it interesting that someone with such
a sterling record against freedom would wave its

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