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You would not be very happy working at a grocery store.

Fat young white, colored, and 'just came across the river' people in their
early 20's with 2 or 3 little chubby kids plus a bun in the oven buying a
heaping cart of trash food and paying with foodstamps...  that ain't right.
Pulling a hundred dollar bill out of a fistful of cash to pay for
cigarettes, and I mean there are several $100s, a few $50s and the rest is
10s and 20s .... well.  I bet they don't have a bank account and work for
cash too.  Pay lots of taxes, not?

Then these folks want 'carry out'.  To a new enough to still smell new
Suburban or Explorer or some kind of extended cab truck.

Meanwhile, I'm driving an '85 Cherokee with 242,000 miles on it or a homely
'92 Dodge 3/4 ton with half the mileage to work.  At the local HEB.

Maybe I'm just jealous.   How does one apply for foodstamps?


   Try to relax and enjoy the crisis.

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Starve? Americans?

Even while the "in the box" media sells thin to the youth of the
country you can almost feel the gravity pulls of the corpulent piglets
as they balloon up to SuperSIzedAmerican just like their parents.

Cheap food with mostly High Fractose Calories and zero protein make it
certain the chemical lobotomizing of the masses will go on in ways
undreamt of in the Brave New somaville dystopia's.

Keep em dumb, keep em well fed, keep em inactive, keep em hooked on
the crack cocaine of faith.....and you get King Geroge II

But wait...some folks are dissenting??? Quick, lets crank up the
pharmaceutical companies and mandate mental wellness for the uppity.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.....rss+enclosures, xspf, bt...."...this
is radio blue america calling, can anyone hear this?"


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