[FoRK] Shave and a haircut? Two bits...

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Fri Jan 21 15:16:34 PST 2005

Robert Harley wrote:

>How much is a haircut worth?
Worth to whom? To me, not much, but I'm in the habit of cutting my own 
hair. I have payed as much as $50 for one (when the dollar was strong, 
no less), and I'm under the impression that women will pay much more 
(although for more than a simple cut, mind you). A news anchorperson 
probably places more value in a haircut, as would anyone whose lifestyle 
is predicated on receiving a lot of media attention... How much is it 
worth to a barber / stylist? Likely as much as they could convince 
someone to pay.

Now a /shave and a haircut/ is a different matter entirely as more than 
ones' follicles are at stake. Most places don't offer shaves anymore 
but, one upon a time, finding someone you trusted to put a straight 
razor against your throat was priceless.


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