[FoRK] binary XML

Gavin Thomas Nicol gtn at rbii.com
Fri Jan 21 21:55:11 PST 2005

On Jan 22, 2005, at 12:12 AM, Reza B'Far (Voice Genesis) wrote:
> This all assumes you have pretty intelligent design engineers (not just
> people who know how to count bytes, but have the ability to understand
> statistics and things like Huffman encoding).  Obviously, there are 
> more
> advanced domain-based compression techniques that could take in text 
> and
> produce text.  And, if they are simple enough, you can use an XSL to 
> view
> them during testing, development, etc.
> So, this is hacky, but it is a way to buy a little performance.

FWIW. This is similar to the approach that I call "edge 
transformation", where
you emphasise the ability for the consumer to interpret the data 
stream, rather
than standardising the data stream. It gives you more flexibility, and 
as in
your case, allows true application-based optimisation.

I assume you are preloading the huffman dictionaries with the most 

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