[FoRK] Big surge in homes costing $1 million; Bay Area's sales rise 73% as low rates lure more buyers

EMAIL PROTECTED joe at barrera.org
Thu Feb 3 19:09:54 PST 2005

> Sateesh Narahari wrote:
>> So, how is the traffic in the bay area these days?. Couple of
>> questions for local folks there:
>> 1. Is the traffic flow north or south primarily in the morning from the city?

Kind of half-and-half. A lot of jobs are South and a lot of people
like to live in the City. Which counteracts the natural process of
people commuting from the city to work in the suburbs.

Over all, traffic is not too bad. Slower than the speed limit, a lot,
but still it keeps moving. And if you have flexible hours, it's
really no problem.

>> 2. If you work near the SFO airport, what would be an ideal location
>> to live to have <30 min commute ?.

San Bruno! or South San Francisco or Daly City or Brisbane.
Or even Pacifica, by the beach.
That would rock and even be cheaper than most spots on the Peninsula.
Or even South-East San Francisco.

If you can get hired, it's not a bad time to work in the Bay Area.

- Joe

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