[FoRK] Treo Crack: Treo 650 + CDMA2000

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Feb 4 08:49:58 PST 2005

Tempted by a discount so low that I should be able to sell my now-old 
Treo 600 for more on eBay, I recieved my Treo 650 yesterday.
Although temperamental (the slightest install problem and PalmOS just 
reboots continually until you wipe it clean, manually excise corrupt 
modules from DS/Backup, and resync), the Treo 650 jumps to a much more 
impressive plateau.

There are many cool things about this unit (Bluetooth, removable 
battery, much better camera), but the key improvement is resolution, 
quadrupled to 320x320.  I didn't think I'd be happy until I had 640x480, 
but 320x320 w/ 64K colors on a sharp, small touchscreen is a giant 

The Treo 300 + SprintPCS seemed to have great bandwidth, but the 600 
sometimes seemed slow, almost throttled somewhere.  The 650 is 
blindingly fast on both data transfer and, now, reasonable on CPU-based 

Just for the record, ping time to my servers from the phone is 
330-500ms.  Through the Blazer browser/proxy combination, dslreports.com 
gives 61-83Kb/sec. bandwidth measurement.  I believe that the wireless 
connectivity is not the bottleneck and running PalmVNC seems to 
illustrate that.

Cool things I can do from my "phone": HTML 4.0+Javascript, SSH2 with 
full VT100+ support and 80x45, scalable VNC, Imap4 with full caching, 
multiple folders, accounts, SSL, VPN, wireless modem for PC, 
read/write/edit Word/Excel/Powerpoint, read pdfs, play MP3s, listen to 
Shoutcast broadcasts, read faxes, listen to email-based voice mail, take 
pictures/video, AOL/IM, and run Java MIDlets.  The MP3 player is 
RealPlayer, but I can't tell if it does anything but MP3 yet.

Imap, VPN, AOL, MS-docs, and wireless modem access are all commercial apps.

No Java in the browser, no Flash, apparently no streaming video.


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