[FoRK] Sex Offenders up the arms race.

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Sat Feb 5 23:17:33 PST 2005

Since you cannot "fix" a sex offender any more then you can change 
anything else you're born as, this is going to get interesting. Looks 
like the sex offenders have gained another weapon.

Remember the good old days when society just killed all the rapists, 
murderers, child molesters, and neocons? It was safe to leave your door 
unlocked, your kids could goto the park, and being outside after dark 
wasn't suicidal... *sigh*


Developer Sues Sex Offender on Sales Loss
Sat Feb 5, 7:09 PM ET
U.S. National - AP

SPRINGDALE, Ark. - A developer who claims sales in a subdivision stopped 
after a sex offender and his wife bought a home has sued the couple and 
the real estate company that arranged the purchase.

NGI Rental filed the $2 million lawsuit Friday against Randall Dee 
Collins and his wife, as well as the real estate company that arranged 
their new home purchase.

Randall Collins, 39, was convicted of molesting young girls and is 
listed on the Arkansas Crime Information Center Web site. According to 
the lawsuit, his wife hired a real estate company to sell her old home, 
saying she had married a sex offender and that her home was too close to 
a school.

A day after the couple bought a home in a new subdivision, the police 
department distributed fliers detailing Collins' case.

The lawsuit claims residents indicated they would move if Collins did 
not leave the neighborhood — and that sales came to a standstill because 
the developer was required to tell potential buyers about Collins.

The lawsuit also alleged Collins called the developer and offered to 
move for $250,000, "or he would stay there and kill their subdivision."

A message left on a phone listed to a Randall Collins was not 
immediately returned Saturday.

Springdale is about 180 miles northwest of Little Rock.

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