[FoRK] Panoramic software rules!

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 16:05:40 PST 2005

I'm really amazed as to the quality of the software (free!) available
for creating mosaic and panoramic images.  Basically, there's

*  autopano -- two versions, takes multiple images and finds matching
points automatically

*  panotools -- various tools for stitching images together

*  enblend -- fancy tool for blending images together without visible seams

*  hugin -- GUI tool for running the individual programs needed,
optimizing settings, etc.

Hugin is the key to point and click simplicity.  This isn't quite as
easy as Ofoto or Picasa, yet, but it mostly kept me from pulling out
my remaining hair while I messed around with the assorted tools,
optimizing settings, etc.

Side note:  Does anyone else find Sony's practice of describing CCD
imaging device size in reciprocal inches a bit odd?  It definitely
confused me when I first encountered my camera's CCD size as

Decent panorama of Lake Michigan from the Sheboygan shore available
upon request (732x3500, approx, 420K)

Ken Meltsner

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