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Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Feb 10 13:31:30 PST 2005

You can get cell phones (GSM of course) that work in the US and 
elsewhere, but you would be crazy to actually do that.  US GSM service 
accounts charge at least $1/min for outgoing and incoming when roaming.  
Since a local SIM card has free incoming calls and better local rates, 
it is silly to use a US phone just to have the same number.  You'd be 
better off setting up forwarding to your temporary local number.

Until the economics are just as portable as the technology, the fact 
that you can technically roam worldwide (except Japan of course) with 
GSM is moot for anyone with any sense.

What are your rates when traveling to EU, US, Canada, Asia?

I bought a couple unlocked European frequency GSM phones on eBay several 
months ago and I just buy a local SIM card in Europe.  In some countries 
the SIM card costs too much to be worth it for short trips, but in Nice 
I bought one for 20EU.

Although there are three cell phone providers in France, it seemed like 
France Telecom had a monopoly on hotel Internet access at exhorbitant 
rates.  Most hotels were 10EU for 10 hours, 12EU for 6pm-9am, or in one 
hotel as much as 30EU per day.
In Helsinki it was $10EU/day.

In the US, several large low to mid-range hotel chains include unlimited 
Internet access for free, while others still charge $10-12/day.  This is 
mostly moot for me since I use my unlimited free Internet access through 
SprintPCS and a USB cable.

When I do have broadband Internet access when traveling, such as during 
meetings, it's Skype all the way.


Andy Armstrong wrote:

> On 10 Feb 2005, at 21:10, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> Works great until I leave the US...
> Your cellphones don't work all over the world yet? :)

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