[FoRK] Google

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Thu Feb 10 15:29:14 PST 2005

All I keep reading about Google maps is that you can scroll the map by 
dragging it with your mouse, and that this is soooooooo cooooool 
(mandatory gooooogle ooooo's).

So far, this is the one and only "new" thing about the site, one that 
will take the other sites hours to days, but definitely not weeks to 
implement. MapQuest, Yahoo, etc, all do all the rest already. All of 
which are also free as in "I'm not paying for anything on the Internet" 
and free as in "all this is identical data paid for by the taxpayer" anyway.

What's the deal? If any other company on the planet announced something 
so completely trivial, noone would care. WTF.

Lets review. Search engine, webmail, image search, Usenet, comparative 
shopping, all technology beaten to death in the marketplace years ago. 
The only things remotely unique the bought already finished (e.g. Keyhole).

Let me know when Google does something that hasn't already been done to 
death and that people would actually pay for to justify their insane 
P/E, and the earnings bloodbath ahead due to Microsoft and the other 500 
people now copying Google.

P.S. Someone stop them before they permanently convince the world that 
hiring PhD's yields nothing but copycats.

Adam L. Beberg

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