[FoRK] Google

Joe Barrera joe at barrera.org
Thu Feb 10 19:49:39 PST 2005

Lucas Gonze wrote:

>  Well, then you're lacking sensors for usability. Everybody's got
>  their thing, no biggie, but you should allow for the existence of the
>  topic. (Myself, I have no sensors for attractiveness or design.)

OK, so I fuckin' hate Google the company, even though I was a very
early adopter of their search engine... but yeah, maps is cool.
Microsoft MapPoint is better, but hell, all the data is local.

But surely Yahoo and Mapquest can catch up within the month?
Unless, of course, Google has patented some portion of maps.
In which case... "do no evil"?

- Joe

P.S. Maybe I just hate the Google hype, of which there is much.
Careful with that VAX, Eugen

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