[FoRK] Zeroconf, Daap, Community Networks and Discovery

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 16:40:54 PST 2005

I have been using some of  my unemployed time working with some of the
tech that has been rolling by over the last couple of years. Over the
last two weeks though a nice bit of snowballing has begun to happen.

A few months back I put Howl's implementation of Zeroconf on my main
Linux server . A couple of the PTP guys used it but oddly I noticed
none of my hoodies (user of the neighborhood network  Iam hosting)
taking advantage of it. Then a few days ago another PTPer mentioned
setting up DAAP on his linux box, of course I had to try it out. I'm
using DAAPD for linux and it was a snap, there is even a debian
package  for it. So now I have zeroconf and daap on the server....

At the same time a bud of years now returned to me some old PPC apple
gear I lent him, only he had souped it up and gave me back the equiv
of a g3 300 with OS X. Now I notice all my zeroconf and daap stuff on
boot up...nice. Realizing I need daap apps on linux poke around and
find a few things...

Now the house has a couple of pools of self discovery services
announcing on zeroconf ....then the hoodies get on it.  Its only been
one or two but I can sense it growing. I am currently crating a local
content server for a very used node in the PTP net and I am curious to
ow much the zeroconf daap stuff will get used.

Interesting fact....over 40% of PTP reported MAC ids where of Apple
Manufacture/Branding, so I'm thinking maybe this stuff has a user base
waiting for it to be put in place.

I want to get a sense of the real world usage for this stuff on all
platforms, so I'm asking the fork mass rumpen....whats cooking with
this tech?

Thanks in advance for wisdom.


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