[FoRK] Gonzo Suicide

Wilkin, Kurt Kurt.Wilkin at fnzc.co.nz
Mon Feb 21 20:39:32 PST 2005

on Tuesday, 22 February 2005 4:38 p.m. Luis Villa wrote:
> I'm guessing part of the shallowness of the obits is that the folks
> writing unexpected/surprise obits on very, very short notice on an
> American holiday weekend are fairly junior down the chain, and for
> them, Depp and Doonesbury are where they get a lot of their picture
> of the man. It's not like he's required reading in most journalism
> programs (though Fear and Loathing '72 should be required reading in
> every journalism program and most political science programs.)      

Didn't realise it was a USian holiday (which doesn't apply 
internationally), but now that you say, does seem that most mentions 
were quick rehashes of the NYT report.

Washington Times and BBC have more in depth articles up now, so 
presumably the standard of the dupes will pick up too.
Note : didn't intend to imply they were obits, but collectively 
the reports barely showed a life worth mentioning. 
There must be more than a few people portrayed by popular actors 
who've been mentioned in a comic strip.

And far be it from me to suggest what should be required reading for
journalists, but : he isn't? Damn, those books were the only clue I've 
ever had that there could be something appealing in journalism - 
from an "only allowed to do what you want after 10 years of reporting 
missing cats and celebrity hair styles" point of view. Always thought 
they'd be like, well, a drug, to anyone inclined that way.

> As an aside, while Depp will not long be remembered, Doonesbury may
> well be- it will certainly be long studied. 

Yeah, fingers quicker than brain. You want fries with that Halliburger?

Cheers, Kurt.

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