Comics was Re: [FoRK] Gonzo Suicide

Wilkin, Kurt Kurt.Wilkin at
Tue Feb 22 14:15:59 PST 2005

on Wednesday, 23 February 2005 9:42 a.m. Marty Halvorson wrote:
> Kurt Wilkin wrote, "Doonesbury may well be- it will certainly be long
> studied. To fairly consistently comment on American politics, and
> comment humorously and to a wide audience, for 30 years!, is fairly
> unique."   

Umm, nope, not me.
That was Luis Villa, correcting my short-sighted assertion of the

> Well there was Al Cap's L'il Abner.  That certainly was around for a
> very long time.  Anyone remember Joni Phony (Joan Biaz)?  I seem to
> remember she sued Al for that representation and lost.  

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