[FoRK] Fwd: James Knox Polk's Inaugural Address, 1845

Joe Barrera joe at barrera.org
Sat Feb 26 21:00:51 PST 2005


>  A national debt has become almost an institution of European
>  monarchies. It is viewed in some of them as an essential prop to
>  existing governments. Melancholy is the condition of that people
>  whose government can be sustained only by a system which periodically
>  transfers large amounts from the labor of the many to the coffers of
>  the few. Such a system is incompatible with the ends for which our
>  republican Government was instituted. Under a wise policy the debts
>  contracted in our Revolution and during the War of 1812 have been
>  happily extinguished. By a judicious application of the revenues not
>  required for other necessary purposes, it is not doubted that the
>  debt which has grown out of the circumstances of the last few years
>  may be speedily paid off.

Ah... to not have a national debt...

>  It is a source of deep regret that in some sections of our country
>  misguided persons have occasionally indulged in schemes and
>  agitations whose object is the destruction of domestic institutions
>  existing in other sections--institutions which existed at the
>  adoption of the Constitution and were recognized and protected by it.
>  All must see that if it were possible for them to be successful in
>  attaining their object the dissolution of the Union and the
>  consequent destruction of our happy form of government must speedily
>  follow.

Now! What "domestic institutions" are we talking about here?

One wonders what would be if a JKP clone had held office in 1860...

- Joe

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