[FoRK] Latest in voice recording devices?

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 19:23:08 PST 2005

I have been doing some 'casting of late (pod,net,narrow..whatever you
call it ) and have been having good luck using my laptop with a
cheapass Labtech "mic on a stick". I can shove it into peoples faces,
I can record nearly 12 hours on a semi clean HD via Audacity, and
thats uncompressed pre mixdown hours. I have a Cd burner on the laptop
but have never had to use it to do an in the field HD cleaning.

Now were I employeed and daycare did not cost a mint...I would go
forth and get me a top of the line Iriver  with recording capabilites
and a phaty 30+gig HD. I would then get a ThisAmericanLife aproved
shotgun mic complete with fluffy, slightly naughty looking, covering.

I have looked at the lower end Irivers and other mp3player with record
functionality and was not that impressed. The sub $80 dollar Creative
devices keep taunting me but without a good line in (heck even a mic
in) its a nosale. The built in mics on these seem crappy at best and
not suited for the sonic vista/roving reporter things I am doing.

And no my Palm Tungsten C is not a contender because of the piss poor
decission to put a non standard mic/headset jack on the unit.  And yes
I know its "standard" for what they though it was going to be used for
, that being voip, but fuck all if that didnt go no where fast so in
the end it was a wasted oppertunity for Palm.

Making do till Im either gianfully deployed or wonderously  rich by
sheer luck....


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