[FoRK] Google can't find an anti-google story? hmm

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Wed Mar 9 11:19:52 PST 2005

Not much of a tea leaf to read in to, but Adam asked for the source on  
a story, and I found I couldn't locate it on Google:

wolff gmsv
wolff good morning silicon valley
767 google good morning silicon valley

... none of these queries came close, though I did find a 2003 occasion  
where the Merc quoted Wolff. Anyway, here's the bits, and yes, they are  
referring to Bob Guccione:

>  First launched in July of 1996, Good Morning Silicon Valley is one of  
> the longest running technology Web logs around. Written by John  
> Paczkowski, it looks askance at the technology news of the day with an  
> authoritative eye and irreverent wit. Trade words with John at  
> jpaczkowski at knightridder.com.

gmsv/11073564.htm :

Google guys: plane crazy and underwear obsessed: Since we're on the  
subject of Google, I might as well mention what is likely the single  
best Google story to cross my desk in as long as I've been writing this  
column.  Recounted by Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff  at the 2005  
SIIA Information Industry Summit in New York this past February, it's  
off-putting for all Wolff's self-aggrandizement, but it's really too  
amusing not to pass on. Plus it lends credence to my conviction that as  
much as Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page insist they’re not  
distracted by their new wealth, they are. There's a large aircraft in  
each of their heads. And someday it will taxi out. (Thanks, Frank)

" A little less than a year ago I was out at a conference on the West  
Coast. And there was a guy at this conference who in New York we refer  
to as the mysterious billionaire. We have no idea what he does, but he  
lives in the largest private residence in Manhattan (Ed note: Gee,  
Michael, I wonder who that could be?). That's what everybody always  
says, that specific phrase: "He lives in the largest private residence  
in Manhattan." He also travels in a private plane, which I had once  
been on. I went out to Kennedy and there were all these G5s parked  
there. And I started to kind of move over to them, and the guy taking  
it out said no and shifted my attention to a 767.

  I got on this plane first with some other people. And then the  
mysterious billionaire came on, followed by three teenage girls (not  
his daughters). At any rate, we're at this conference and it finishes  
and he's going to L.A. and offers me a ride on the plane. As a matter  
of fact, he says, you can sit up front if you want. So we go out. I  
follow him out to his car and then we're quickly followed by two other  
guys. It's Larry Page and Sergey Brin, whom I've met before, and we say  

  And I said, "Are you going out to L.A.?" And they said, "No, we're  
just going out to see the plane 'cause we're going to get planes." So  
we all go out and see the plane. They run through the plane: "Isn't  
this cool, isn't this great? Can you do this? Can you do that?" And I  
suppose it's exactly how I would react if I were in the position to buy  
a 767.

  But then the mysterious billionaire started to ask them about their  
business. And we sat down in this luxurious area of this plane with the  
three teenaged girls (a different set of three teenaged girls not his  
daughters), who are sort of serving hors d'oeuvres.

  So we were talking about the Google business. But Larry Page and  
Sergey Brin didn't want to really talk about the Google business. They  
wanted to talk about another idea that they had. And the idea was --  
this is an appropriate pause -- for Google underwear. And we spent the  
next hour sitting in this plane talking about the underwear business.  
We talked about Google boxers and Google briefs and the fortuitous  
circumstance that Google with the two 'Os' would make an incredible  

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