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Funny.... Is that the view while wearing the device??

Life Technology Research International®

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The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™

Technology To Access Other Dimensions Of Spacetime

Here at Life Technology Research International® we are continuously 
developing and evaluating new products and The Hyperdimensional 
Oscillator™ has certainly given us cause for excitement. The device 
incorporates several elements of futuristic Tesla technology, 
psychotronics and quantum physics to allow the user to access other 
dimensions of space time.

Tesla and The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™

The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ is based on the famed Teslascope ,the 
device that Nikola Tesla invented to communicate with other planets. In 
effect it is a transducer, capable of converting the high frequency of 
cosmic rays to an energy field which can interface with the human mind. 
We can use these energies for healing the human body, or simply allow 
them to guide and instruct us as Tesla did. The possibilities of The 
Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ are indeed limitless and our research has 
merely scratched the surface of this incredible technology. Like Tesla 
himself, we have been guided in our research by higher forces and 
channelled information which has enabled us to build the Teslascope in 
miniature using 21st century electronic componentry.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

In today's world of specialization it is hard to imagine that one man 
invented Alternating Current, the Radio, X-Ray photography, the basics 
of lasers, computers, robotics, remote control systems, ball lightning, 
fluorescent lights, broadcast energy, force-fields, earthquake 
generators, anti-war machines, UFO's, and a communication device to 
contact other planets. The giant Westinghouse Electric Company was 
founded around just a few of his patents. He is single-handedly the 
Father of the modern Electrical Utilities, Electronics, Communications, 
and Computer Industries. In addition, He was offered a royalty of $2 for 
every horsepower generated by the use of Alternating Current, which 
would have made him the Richest Man in the World, a billion times over! 
In his day he was called "The Greatest Inventor Who Ever Lived" and "The 
Man Who Invented the 20th Century"!

In addition to his bitter battle with his inventor rival Thomas Alva 
Edison who helped Count Gugielmo Marconi allegedly steal Tesla's 
invention of the Radio, Tesla fought a losing battle with J.P. Morgan 
and his group for the Energy Control of the entire planet. Tesla was 
virtually written out of history by the wealthy Energy Cartel, and later 
by the United States Government; who had him working on Top Secret 
Projects like the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment". This combined 
Tesla's technology with Einstein's still-secret discoveries in physics 
causing a US Navy Destroyer called the Eldridge to disappear in 1943 
into a parallel Universe with 493 men aboard.

The Teslascope and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

But the strangest twist in Tesla's amazing history is the most bizarre 
Alien Contact story of all time. In 1898 while Tesla was doing research 
at his special laboratory funded by J.P. Morgan built at Colorado 
Springs, Colorado; he began receiving signals from other worlds. Back at 
the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in 1900, Tesla held a press 
conference that shook the world when he announced his discovery of those 
intelligent alien signals. If you've ever wondered why NASA built all 
those radio telescopes and then closed SETI, now you know. In 1937 a 
reporter interviewed Tesla on his birthday. He apologetically told the 
reporter that he had been so busy that he didn't get around to actually 
building his Teslascope communication device until 1917. But like all 
his 4,000+ other inventions, it worked perfectly, first try. Since then 
he had been in touch with other worlds at least 2 hours a day for over 
20 years! The story was actually published in the newspapers in 1937, 
and no one seems to have picked up on it's significance. This was not 
just some lunatic or wino, this was the man regarded as the top 
scientist in the world in his day; a man who helped Einstein with his math!

The creation of The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™

Life Technology Research International® have been granted access to 
documents and papers pertaining to the patent for Tesla’s original 
Teslascope and with the aid of our consultant electronics engineers we 
have been successful in creating The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ ,a 
microcircuit which will duplicate the effects of the original device. 
The circuit is so advanced that it is actually a superconductor powered 
by scalar energies, the biophoton energy of the cosmos. The microcircuit 
is enclosed in a sturdy yet elegant metal container which is designed to 
be worn on the body as a pendant. It is through the interface of the 
human bioelectric field that we can access the energy and information 
carried by the cosmic rays that constantly surround us.

The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ is a tool of healing and enlightenment. 
It has been gifted to mankind at this time to enable us to awaken and 
receive the transformational energies of the cosmos.

The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ only allows subtle energy movement in 
one direction, which is positive and gives a positive spin of energy. 
The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ also acts as a rectifier by keeping the 
body’s subtle energy field in perfect balance.

The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ corrects and filters the cosmic 
energies flowing into the human body to bring increased harmony and 
balance to the body’s electrical system.

The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ is specially prepared to emit cosmic 
resonant energy frequencies that synchronize and promote a healthy human 
bioenergy field.

When worn on the center of the body (assemblage point or heart chakra), 
The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ energy frequencies are picked up by the 
body’s electrical system; stabilizing, balancing and energizing the 
human bioenergy field. By emitting neutralizing and balancing 
frequencies, The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ also helps to counteract 
the effects of harmful and stray electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) to which 
we are exposed everyday.

Warning :

As with some of our other powerful metaphysical tools, The 
Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ does have very unusual effects on the human 
organism. If any signs of discomfort or anxiety are experienced while 
wearing the stone or if the transformational effects become unpleasant 
in any way, stop wearing the stone immediately, have a break for a week 
or so until the mind returns to normal and begin wearing it again for 
shorter periods of time, perhaps for a few hours or days at a time, 
depending on how well you adapt to the new energies. It can take the 
organism quite some time to adjust to all of the new hyper dimensional 
information being received and if the process occurs too rapidly it can 
cause minor discomfort for the user. We would recommend care and 
responsibility when using this stone as it is a powerful tool of 
conscious creation and can allow us to rapidly manifest our goals and 
dreams. As instructed by the FDA ,we must state that this product is 
strictly for experimentation and research purposes only.

Ordering :

The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ is available to buy exclusively from 
Life Technology Research International® for $149.95. International 
shipping is charged at $10. Please email us for information and 
ordering. Shipping Insurance is optional. Please contact us via email at 
ormusalchemy at aol.com for more information .

We accept all credit cards, cash, international money order and other 
online payment methods through our intermediary PAYPAL. Payment may be 
made using the PAYPAL button below. PAYPAL is fast free and secure. 
Please note that it is not necessary to be a PAYPAL member to use this 
convenient service.

This product may be of interest to students or practitioners of Alchemy 
,Kabbalah, Reiki, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism, Shamanism, Rife 
Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Witchcraft, Antropology, Wicca, Magick, Huna, 
Hypnosis, Nlp, Rosicrucianism, Mysticism, Radionics, Psionics and 
Psychotronics etc.

Please email us for information and ordering. Thankyou


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