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Man, if only I hadn't spent my money on this one instead...

I especially like the part about the "lost cubit".  Who knew the
ancient Egyptians used imperial units, or German astrophysicists for
that matter.

Life Technology Research International ®

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Incorporating Red Jasper

Red Jasper has been worn as a stone of intense protection by shaman
and holy men throughout history. It is said to protect against
negativity and helps to be grounded to the stablizing energies
assosciated with the Earth. Red jasper can also help a person remember
the dreams that are consequencial to the dreamer's life.

Ancient cultures and civilizations considered various forms of jasper
to be sacred, protective, and a stone that helps to bring safe astral
travel. Native American shaman used jasper as a protective stone
during ritual.

Red Jasper is called the Stone of Shamanic Journeying. It is
considered a traditional choice for anyone journeying down the
Shaman's path. Red Jasper is an excellent stone for dream recall.

"The supreme nurturer", Jasper is known as the "Patron stone of
Counselors and Healers". It is very healing and balancing and was
often worn by Shaman for protection.

Since it has been worn by Shamans for protection of their bodies when
on astral journeys, the nurturing energy of Jasper energizes and
strengthens, enhancing physical health. It helps the wearer to
maintain a positive outlook. In hazardous circumstances, it can aid
the wearer in knowing what course of action to take.

Jasper is said to aid quickness of thought, allowing your mind to
function with less distractions and aiding clearness of thought. It is
also said to help dispel negative energies and reduce stress. These
qualities make jasper an excellent choice for executives and others in
the business world.

Jasper held in the hand is said to relieve some of the pain of childbirth.

Red Jasper is a very protective stone. It's protective qualities
emphasize survival and physical protection. It is associated with the
root (first) chakra.

Red Jasper is chalcedony that is predominantly red and opaque due to
high iron content. The name for jasper originates from the Greek
iapsis for pretty colored stone.
Metaphysically said to aid in meditation and to work as protection in
dreams. Increases connections with earth and nature. Associated with
the Jewish tribe of Assher, the Guardian Angel Barchiel, and the
Christian apostle Simon Peter. Muladhara chakra (root) or all. Taurus
astrological sign. Numerological vibration 6.

"Jasper was often worn by shaman to provide protection. It holds an
aspect of solar energy and a connection to the solar plexus chakra
which also helped shamen in their magical practices. It was considered
a sacred stone during the performance of , and adherence to, "the old
ways" of the Native American Indians. ...that which contains the red
color was thought to induce health and re-birth, bringing freshness in
ideas and strategies to the holder." Quote from "Love Is In The
Earth", by Melody

Red jasper is an intensely protective stone, acting to stabilize the
aura and rid it of dysfunctional energy. This protection is also
manifest during astral travel, which jasper is said to help

"Jasper can be used in the treatment of tissue deterioration of the
internal organs, and for disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder,
liver and stomach - the energy is more appropriate for deterioration
rather than the actual state of malfunction. Jasper can be used to
treat the loss of sense of smell. It has been reported to sooth the
nerves." Quote from "Love Is In The Earth", by Melody

The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ has been gifted to us
at this time to serve this purpose. Within its beautiful ergonomic
design lies the zeropoint energetic field that can be effectively
utilized for the additional purposes:

Psychic Protection 

Electromagnetic shield 


Aura Amplification 

DNA activation and Rejuvenation 

Tachyon Energy Stimulation 

Improved Health & Well-Being 

Crystal Enhancement 

Energy balancing 

The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ incorporates several
future technologies as a basis for its creation and capsular design.
The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ is a functional
scientific creation based on the principles of sacred geometry ,
zero-point energy, orgonomy, superconductivity, and harmonic
frequencies of light. The properties of The Quantum Microvortex Shaman
Power Activator™ are such that a "positive" light field is produced
uniformly in all directions from the centre of the capsule. This light
field is actually visible in a dimly lit room and is immediately
recognisable to psychics or clairvoyants.

The device incorporates a special Ethero-Magnetic™ caduceus orgone
generating coil which utilises the magickal and sacred 'lost cubit'
measurement, a meaurement so profound that its precise value can not
be found in ancient or modern literature. Only select few individuals
and scientists are aware of its actual value.

The Lost Cubit measurement

The "Lost Cubit" was discovered in April of 2000 by german
astrophysicist Hans Becker. The "Lost" cubit is a previously unknown
cubit length which fills a harmonic gap between the "Sacred" and
"Royal" cubits of Ancient Egypt. Research and calculations made by
Becker indicate that the "Lost" cubit may well have been deliberately
omitted from ancient records due to its powerful significance.

The "Lost Cubit" is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial
circumferences of the Earth, in inches, divided into the speed of
light. It therefore relates to Earth natural harmonics in a special
way. We believe that this discovery of Hans Becker, The "Lost Cubit",
is that long lost information that will, as research progresses, yield
the secret keys to extraordinary health and extreme longevity.

This highly secret information was always strongly guarded by the
priesthood of Egypt and was reserved only for high initiates and
Phaoroh himself. Today this secret information is incorporated by Life
Technology Research International into the design of The Quantum
Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™

The Lost Cubit has a natural resonant frequency of 177 megacycles and
in some as yet unknown manner, assists the user in changing his DNA at
will, and thus turning on the "longevity" gene. This may be why there
are no records of the length and function of the "Lost" cubit.

The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ contains a Red Jasper
Microsphere™ which is what provides intelligent programmed energy to
The Quantum Microvortex™ Lost Cubit Coil contained inside an aluminium
capsule. One way of explaining the function of The Quantum Microvortex
Shaman Power Activator™ is to say that the Red Jasper Microsphere™
stores the program i.e. the frequency of the solar plexus chakra while
The Quantum Microvortex™ Lost Cubit Coil delivers the program to the
subtle energy field and subconscious of the wearer.

Could The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ become the most
powerful metaphysical tool ever created? It is our belief that the
most significant difference between this device and other forms of
magickal talisman or life changing catalyst (eg NLP ,Huna , Reiki,
Hypnosis, Kaballah , Magick etc) is its passive mode of operation, ie
no conscious input is required from the user, and unlike many other
talismans the device will function optimally without any necessity for
a certain belief system on the part of the user.

The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ may be used in each of
the following ways:

The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ is designed to be worn
as a pendant 24/7 and will function optimally in this mode.
Alternatively the device may be Placed on a desk or on a bedside table
for passive functionality, no input from the user is required. The
device is an ideal size to be carried in a pocket or kept in a
handbag. It is better that the device should be kept as close as
possible to the user, ideally within 2 meters.

The device may also be kept under a pillow while sleeping where
healing and transformational energy will permeate the user's body and
influence the subconscious mind ,or held in the hands or placed on the
body while meditating. While relaxing or meditating it is an excellent
idea to hold The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ capsule
in either or both hands and focus positively on areas of ones life
where positive change could occur, ie ones job ,health, relationships
etc. In any form of conscious subtle energy manipulation, results will
occur through the artificial enhancement of natural processes. It is
therefore important to recognise the new opportunities that you will
attract to your life which will direct you towards a new paradigm of
positivity with all the rewards that the state brings.

The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ may also be used as a
radionic transmitter and may be used to facilitate subtle energy
transmission for distant healing or Life-Trend manipulation etc.

The Quantum Microvortex Shaman Power Activator™ retails at $90 on our
site .We list at a substantial discount to encourage bidding on this

As instructed by the FDA ,we must state that this product is strictly
for experimentation and research purposes only.

This product may be of interest to students or practitioners of
Alchemy ,Kabbalah, Reiki, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism, Shamanism,
Pagansism, Rife Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Witchcraft, Antropology,
Wicca, Magick, Huna, Hypnosis, Nlp, Rosicrucianism, Mysticism,
Radionics, Psionics and Psychotronics etc.

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