[FoRK] StoredIQ

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Mar 10 19:29:17 PST 2005

Ken writes:

> deepfile's new corporate-friendly name, StoredIQ.

I am compelled to offer the following.  I can be blamed wholly or at 
least largely for the names: Active Paper and its Presto! products, for 
Activerse and Ding!, for Flashbucks (ugh, not a proud moment ;-), for 
Clickfeed, for Straytech Group, for Deepfile and it's Auditor, 
Enforcer, and Sentinel products.

Deepfile's "StoredIQ" name transition had nothing to do with me, 
occurred months after I left, and took me by complete surprise.  No 
judgments or criticism explicit or implied:  just wanted to make sure 
that the pre- and post-jbone eras there are clearly distinguished.

Just fyi,


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