[FoRK] [IP] more on Rejected Harvard applicants say school's reaction to Web page "hack" excessive (fwd from dave@farber.net)

Kelley kelley at inkworkswell.com
Fri Mar 11 10:29:16 PST 2005

At 01:09 PM 3/11/2005, Eugen Leitl wrote:

>In the 1960s the term "hacking" meant smart people developing useful and
>innovative computer software.  In the 1990s the term meant smart evil people
>developing and running programs to break into computer systems and gain
>shell access to those systems.  Thanks to Harvard Business school the term
>now means "people of average IQ poking around curiously by editing URLs on
>public servers and seeing what comes back in the form of directory listings,

I'd say that it started way before Harvard called these people hackers. 
During the dot.bomb boom, when every journalist wanted to break a story 
about the 'evil hackers'. Mitnick's hacking was mostly social engineering 
passwords out of people and he became THE epitomy of "smart evil people 
developing and running programs..." Yet, he didn't really do much of that 
at all.

We could probably go through my archives of all the 'hacking' incidents in 
the news and 75% of them would have nothing to do with "developing and 
running programs."

But, I'm preaching to the choir, so I'll </rant> for now.


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