[FoRK] One more reason why I wouldn't live in the South: Grandparents turn in high school student for zombie story

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 12:44:50 PST 2005

I'm smug because I don't live in the South, where it appears nearly
everyone in the "judicial" system is about as close to brain-dead as
is possible without doctors lining up to harvest organs, but that's
not to say it couldn't happen here.  Wisconsin, after all, brought us
Joe McCarthy, Ed Gein, and Jeffrey Dahmer.    And according to police,
this kid is a greater threat than all three of them combined.




Student Arrested For Terroristic Threatening Says Incident A Misunderstanding

A George Rogers Clark High School junior arrested Tuesday for making
terrorist threats told LEX 18 News Thursday that the "writings" that
got him arrested are being taken out of context.

Winchester police say William Poole, 18, was taken into custody
Tuesday morning. Investigators say they discovered materials at
Poole's home that outline possible acts of violence aimed at students,
teachers, and police.

Poole told LEX 18 that the whole incident is a big misunderstanding.
He claims that what his grandparents found in his journal and turned
into police was a short story he wrote for English class.

"My story is based on fiction," said Poole, who faces a second-degree
felony terrorist threatening charge. "It's a fake story. I made it up.
I've been working on one of my short stories, (and) the short story
they found was about zombies. Yes, it did say a high school. It was
about a high school over ran by zombies."

Even so, police say the nature of the story makes it a felony.
"Anytime you make any threat or possess matter involving a school or
function it's a felony in the state of Kentucky," said Winchester
Police detective Steven Caudill.

Poole disputes that he was threatening anyone.

"It didn't mention nobody who lives in Clark County, didn't mention
(George Rogers Clark High School), didn't mention no principal or
cops, nothing,"
said Poole. "Half the people at high school know me. They know I'm not
that stupid, that crazy."

On Thursday, a judge raised Poole's bond from one to five thousand
dollars after prosecutors requested it, citing the seriousness of the

Poole is being held at the Clark County Detention Center. 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but model train sets do a pretty
good job as well

-- 2/28/05, in a odd dream

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