[FoRK] Congrats to the '04 ACM Dissertation awardees!

Robert Harley robert.harley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 16:22:18 PST 2005

>  The main results of this thesis are the following:
> 	? 	 Software Obfuscation: Informally speaking, an obfuscator is a 
> compiler that takes a program P as input and produces a new program P' 
> that has the same functionality as P, [...]
> Ideally, a software obfuscator should ensure that the only 
> information leaked about P from the program P', is information that 
> can be derived by using only black-box access to P. [...]
>  In this thesis, we discuss how to formally define obfuscators, and 
> whether or not such objects exist. Our main result in this context is 
> that even very weak forms of obfuscators do not exist.

Sub-1-second obviousness.


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